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Premium Paper Business Cards

Premium Paper Business Cards has a rating of 4.77 stars based on 150 reviews.
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Slightly thicker than a standard business card, premium business cards are ideal for everyday use.

Paper Description

Standard Matte Cardstock (100# Cover / 14PT) – A simple coated card, great for economical budgets and quick usage.

Premium Matte Cardstock (130# Cover / 16PT) – The best simple option for a full color background business card design. Matte coated cardstock, nothing flashy but very nice.

Luxe Matte Cardstock (18PT Cover / 18PT) – Same as 16PT but thicker 😉

Standard Uncoated Cover (100# Cougar Cover / 14PT) – A good basic cardstock for Business Cards, great for heavy networkers or staff that need to hand out a simple professional card. (Common uses, loyalty cards, simple business cards) Uncoated is best for cards that need to be written on and/or have a white background.

Premium Uncoated Cover (130# Cougar Cover / 16PT) – The West Texas Crude of Premium Business Cards, if you dont know what to pick, pick this one. Unless you have a solid background in a dark color design (like all black backgrounds) as it is a pourous stock. (Common uses, most popular Premium Business Card option)

LUXE Uncoated Cardstock (160# Cougar Cover / 22PT) – Our favourite, uncoated and thick this 160# Cougar is not commonly avaialble in short run projects, if you want the nicest card without any fancy laminate this is our recommendation!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Choose Premium Business Cards?

Premium business cards are made from thicker paper stock, giving them a heartier feel while still being budget-friendly. They work well if you’re looking to upgrade from basic business cards, especially if you require business cards for daily use.

What’s the Difference Between Basic & Premium Business Cards?

Premium business cards are made from thicker paper stock than our basic business cards. Both are available in coated or uncoated finishes and are customizable with your name and logo.

What If I’m Not Happy with My Business Cards?

We make every business card with high-tech printing equipment and a high commitment to quality. Whether you’re ordering 20 business cards or 2,000, we treat every order like it’s our only order. If you’re not completely satisfied with your business cards, we’ll give you a complete refund.

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