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BubbleX Boards (4mm)
BubbleX Boards (4mm)


4mm BubbleX Boards are the perfect marriage between Coroplast Boards and Foamcore Boards.

BubbleX is the same thickness, it has a plastic core like coroplast which gives it better durability and longevity. It also won't bow as easily, unlike Coroplast and much like Foamcore however the BubbleX has a smooth face with no corrugation for the professional look of Foamcore with the durability more like Coroplast.

Great for events, open house information boards or anywhere Foamcore would normally be used. This product is great for short term to medium term hanging signs (like monthly promotions at a grocery store)

When sending the artwork feel free to email in your graphics, or use our WeTransfer tool. Be sure to use vector graphics and to outline your fonts.

The product is printed on 4mm BubbleX with UV ink, grommets can be added to the sign upon request for $1.50 per location. Any size that fits on a 48x96" is available the pricing on this site displays common sizing, any sizes not displayed can still be produced. Email us if you have any questions.

Double Sided Printing is also available.

Turnaround time for this product is 1-3 days depending on the quantity of pieces needed.

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