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Comic Prints and Posters
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Comic Prints and Posters

Do you sell and produce comic prints? Look no further than Little Rock Printing to be your cape wearing version of a Printing Hero - at Little Rock we use a lineup of printing presses that run 2400 DPI and a professional matte toner providing the best possible output for both short and long run "Comic Prints and Posters"

Samples of our posters are complimentary, send us one of your files as a High Res PDF. If your artwork bleeds please add 1/8" of bleed to the file for a professional finish.

Our prints that are under 13x25" are generally printed on 100# Futura Dull Cover or 100# Futura Dull Text, prints that are larger than this are printed on a 8 Color Plotter on 7mil Photo Satin.

These prints are ideal for selling online or at ComicCon in your area.

If you have custom sizes or want to try other thicknesses of stock please contact us at when you are ready to order please send the files using our Upload Tool 

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